Power2Sustain PROJECT

In addition to the original Power2Sustain Project, we also offer participating schools free-of-charge the option of an additional sustainability education program such as:

          Zero-Waste Lunch Implementation

          Recycling enhancement

          Green Club implementation

          Energy reduction campaign

         Walk/ride share to school program

The Power2Sustain project is designed to give K-12th grade students an in-depth foundation and skills in systems thinking within the  areas of  environmental stewardship, sustainability and personal responsibility toward our natural world

The project is based in a thorough unit-of-study  approach with collaboration skills, critical thinking and problem-solving  learning at the core of each lesson.. Empowering students with a voice is also part of the project's goals.

The project was designed by public school teachers for teachers

The program is designed to be integrated into core content blocks (including ELA, math, social studies and of course science.)  All lessons are grade leveled and  linked to the new Common Core Standards. There is a pre and post measure of student understanding as well as both school and home follow-up activities.

The project starts with teachers/schools registering HERE

The teachers then receive via email  a series of grade appropriate, core content integrated and standards-aligned  lessons and activities to use with their students. These lessons revolve around basic environmental literacy, environmental stewardship and sustainability. Upon completion of a unit of lessons/activities, teachers receive a class set of reusable sopping bags and  fabric paint. Students then illustrate one side of the bag with a concept or message that they learned.   The finished bags are then either given to each student to take home or sold with all of the proceeds going back to each participating teacher  to support further  science education.

To see a sample of the lessons, click HERE.

How it works

If you are a teacher, parent, school leader or community member and wish to have the Power2Sustain project in your local school, simply fill out the registration form. (Click here). We will inquire about the possibility of bringing the project to your community and be in touch. This project is free-of-charge for all schools, the only obligation is the teaching of lessons on environmental education and sustainability.  Power2Sustain receives funding from partnering retailers, foundations and grants. (Power2Sustain is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.)

If you know of a retailer, business or organization in your community that may be interested in supporting the project,  please contact Mitch at: Mitch@Power2Sustain.org 

Additional Programs





Past Projects


Power2Sustain (formerly known as the "BagSpeak project) t was started in New York City in the Spring of 2008. The pilot project involved 1000 students and 40 teachers  in 10 schools throughout the 5 boroughs. Through a generous partnership with Whole Foods NYC, 1000 custom illustrated reusable shopping bags were produced and sold in Whole Foods' 5 NYC stores. Approximately $10,000 was generated from the sales of the bags that went back to each of the participating schools to support further science instruction.

Other recent projects include:

  • Santa Clara County - 1500 students, 18 teachers in 12 schools (Winter 2013)                                                                     Sponsered by Safeway and Merlone/Geier Partners

  • Santa Cruz County - 600 students, 28 teachers in 11 schools (Spring 2012)                                                                       Sponsored by New Leaf Community Markets and in Partnership with Green Waste Recovery Inc.

  • Salinas Valley - 1000 students, 34 teachers in 6 schools (Spring 2012)                                                                               Sponsored by the Salinas Valley Waste Management Authority

  • New York City - 1000 students, 40 teachers, 12 schools, four boroughs PILOT PROJECT (Spring 2008)                   Sponsored by Whole Foods Markets, NYC