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Teachers & Schools

Available to All Schools

In the US and Abroad

The Power2Sustain project is available to teachers, principals, and parents for use in K-12 schools both here and abroad. The program is free-of-charge and includes the lessons and reusable shopping bags and fabric paints. Once teachers are finished with a complete unit of study on a topic in environmental stewardship, sustainability, and/or personal responsibility for our natural world, we ask that they sign off on completing the lessons by emailing us. We then ship off the reusable bags and fabric paint. We also ask that once the students have finished illustrating their bags, photos of 5-10 of the bags and messages are sent to us to share.

"But where do I fit it in?!"

Designed to be easily integrated

As public school educators ourselves, we are well aware of all that teachers and schools must accomplish in a given day and how precious instructional minutes are. That's why we have designed this "outside" project to be integrated into the core subject areas and to be as seamless and easy to implement and use as possible.

Forest Trees

Why Environmental Literacy?

Designed to be easily integrated

Our natural world is going through a major transformation. Whether these changes are being caused by us, or are the evolution of the planet, they are real and profound.

This next-generation deserves the right to learn about the issues, and be given opportunities to think critically about what is occurring and begin to problem-solve and find solutions.

Environmental literacy is not an "extra" subject, it must be integrated into everyday teaching and learning, so that this next generation has a chance to find and create real solutions to potentially very deep problems.

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