Additional environmental literacy lessons and activities for K-12th grade students:



Teacher information on sustainability and environmental literacy:

  • Excellence in Environmental Education: Guidelines for Learning K-12 Created and published by the North American Association for Environmental Education ( this is the most relevant document in terms of environmental literacy standards that we have come across to date.

  • Developing a Framework for Assessing Environmental Literacy Created by NAAEE, we have used this important and thorough framework to guide the development of the Power2Sustain curriculum and activities. From our research, this framework is currently the most researched-based, measured and effective model of teaching and learning about environmental literacy that we have found.

  • Environmental Connections  Published by the Environmental Literacy Council, this guide provides teachers with a balanced view of science-based environmental literacy ideas and resources.

  • Definition of Education for Sustainability White paper by the US Partnership for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development United Nations (2005-2014)

  •  Sustainable Table - Linking sustainability of our food systems with energy and environmental sustainability. Great K-12 lessons and activities.

Information on recycling, reusing and reducing:



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