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Power2Sustain Project Overview

A series of activities with a positive outcome

The Power2Sustain project focuses on presenting activities and information that will establish a foundation of understanding and a message of importance for K-12th grade students.


Through a short unit of study, students are exposed to concepts of environmental stewardship, sustainability and personal responsibility for our environment. Because the Power2Sustain project is a series of learning activities (and not a one-shot day project or assembly) students are more inclined to internalize the learning.

The lessons and activities are  Common Core standards-based and integrated with ELA, math and social studies, science and even social and emotional learning, to further help establish learning connections and a cementing of concepts for students.

Project Details







Teachers select and teach 4-6 lessons and activities from our collection OR choose any lessons of their own on environmental stewardship, sustainability and the need for personal responsibility for your environment. Teachers may also choose to you the new CalRecycle EEI curriculum. 

Upon completion of the lessons, the teachers email us signing off on the teaching of the lessons. We then ship each teacher a class set of canvas or  RPET (recycled plastic bottle fabric) reusable shopping bags and special fabric pastels.

Students then think of a message that they would like to "speak" to their world and create an illustration on a paper template. Once the students and teacher have refined the message and illustration, the student then uses their template as a guide and illustrates directly on the bags.

The teacher then uses an iron and newspaper and heat sets the illustration.

 The bags are then either given to each student to take home OR sold in a partnering retailer's store with all of the proceeds going back to that teacher/school for further environmental education.

Teachers may participate in the project free of charge one time each academic school year.

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