The Project





Through lessons and activities in:

The 4R's (Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Refusing)

Energy and resource conservation

Electric and human powered transportation alternatives

Solar, wind and wave energy

Watershed and marine stewardship

Sustainable food production and healthy eating

Equity in climate change policy



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Power2Sustain is a non-profit organization that supports K-12 public, charter and independent schools  in teaching environmental literacy by providing lessons, activities and programs free-of-charge. All activities are grade-leveled and aligned to the Common Core Content Standards. The environmental literacy concepts are integrated into English Language Arts, math, social studies and even social-emotional lessons, so that  students learn to value and sustain their natural word right along with learning the other core subjects.

At the end of the units of study, each student receives a reusable shopping bag and special fabric paint sticks and illustrates something they learned or a message that they have for their world. Empowering students with knowledge and a voice, each bag "speaks" to the rest of us to begin to change our habits and conserve and sustain more often.


The project is open to any K-12 teacher in the US and abroad and is free-of-charge.

Created by teachers for teachers
Integrated into core subjects

Project reach:   21,074 K-12 students

           (Spring 2018)        328 teachers

                                  180 schools

                                  38,970 parents and families

Additional Programs

In addition to the original Power2Sustain Project, we offer participating schools the option of an additional sustainability education program such as:

          Zero-Waste Lunch implementation

          Recycling enhancement

          Green Team implementation

          Energy reduction campaign

          Walk/ride share to school program

          Quarterly school and home waste audit


Sustainability Integration

Part of Power2Sustain's mission is to help schools and school systems integrate sustainability policies and programs within their school culture as a whole, and within their facilities and infrastructure. As public school educators for over 25 years, we understand the working of schools and education systems and are eager to help your community navigate this systems for efficient and comprehensive sustainability integration. For more information and a consultation please click HERE.

Who We Are

Power2Sustain is a registered non-profit educational organization that was founded in 2008 in New York City by a small group of public school teachers and administrators.  This group was concerned with the gap in environmental learning in K-12 schools. They believed that all students deserved the chance to learn about the issues and begin to problem solve, and set about creating a project model that they themselves would use.





Summer 2020

Enhanced lessons and activities for online learning during COVID.

P2S has updated and enhanced many lessons and activities to be more applicable for online/distance learning. 

Funded entirely through the sales of Bagito


Winter 2019

P2S had a record year of teacher and student participation!

300+ teachers, 8400+ students 

Funded entirely through the sales of Bagito

Fall 2018

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Ocean Plastics Summit for K-12 Teachers

100 teachers, 28 sustainability advocates

Funded entirely through the sales of Bagito

Winter  2018

Wat Leu Village & Siem Reip, Cambodia

in conjunction with Gina Orlander and the Wat Leu Village Children's Fund

Garbage sorting and trash disposal lessons

60 students and assorted teachers

Funded entirely through donations form Bagit

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Power2Sustain was formerly

called "BagSpeak"


Talks with USAID to provide sustainability curriculum to a select number of countries has commenced 

April 2021

After providing reusable Bagito bags, as well as lessons and activities for high school students in Indonesia, P2S has reached out to USAID once again to work on a handful of new environmental literacy and reuse projects in Africa and the Middle East. The discussion are on going and funding dependent. Mitch, the P2S director feels positive about the likelihood of the projects happening. "I give it them a 70% chance moving forward" he said.

Updated and Enhanced lessons and activities for COVID distance learning

June 2020

To assist teachers with sustainability lessons and activities specifically for online/distance learning, the P2S team spent some time re-working selected units and activities. Many of the updates included new data and content on climate change and impacts currently available through the Internet.  Videos were added, at-home experiments and projects were created, and home and community action mini-projects were also included. 

Record year for P2S teacher enrollment and student learning

May 2019

It has been a record year for teacher enrollment with the P2S project. Over the past school year, over 300 new teachers have enrolled, reaching over 8400 students. These students learned about our changing climate, about the carbon emissions, waste issues including with plastics, and how to begin to advocate for reductions in waste and carbon and make behavior changes in their own lives to make a positive impact.

Support the Power2Sustain programs by buying a Bagito. Bagitos are full-sized reusable shopping bags that stuff down into a micro-size pouch and are designed to hang on your key ring; making them very hard to forget!  

Made from 100% rPet (recycled plastics), strong and durable, a meaningful percentage of each bag sale goes directly to  the Power2Sustain project.

Bagito School Fundraiser

Imprint your school's logo/message on Bagitos and sell as a fundraiser. Your school makes 50% in profits and support Power2Sustain at the same time. Email or call for more info: or



Choose a 'greener' mattress   

Going with a greener mattress is not only a healthier choice, it's also much better for our environment. Look for certification and read more here.   


Make all meals on Mondays, meatless. Help reduce  the carbon producing effects of beef, pork and poultry production by giving up meat at least once a week.

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